Whole House Lighting

Functionality. Efficiency. Elegance.

If your home hasn’t made the transition to LED lighting, now’s the time. Known for being highly-functional, durable, energy efficient, and easy on the eyes, LED lighting for the home is becoming more common than ever. With that in mind, where do you go for the most trusted LED lighting products on the market? The answer is simple: Task LED lighting from Lumens Lighting & Power.

Lumens Lighting & Power is one of the only retail providers for Task LED Lighting products, which is great news for homeowners looking for high-end LED lights. Whether you’re working on a small project or you’re completely overhauling the lighting in your home, we have exactly what you need.

Tips From the Experts

We have options available for LED lighting all over your home. Our versatile products are easy to install and provide nearly endless possibilities for both functional and decorative lighting. If you’re unsure of which products to use for your specific needs, we are happy to offer you expert advice.

All of our Task LED Lighting products provide:

  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Variety of sizes, color and color temperatures
  • Compliance with the 90 CRI standards

Sempria Q-Series

Recommended for various kitchen lighting and accent lighting needs. Available in either angled or flat base, these are perfect for undercabinet lighting and display lighting. Light dimming options available.

Sempria E-Series 1/8 watt

One of our most versatile line of LED lighting products, this series can be used for kitchen lighting and bathroom lighting, but most recommended for accent lighting. Available in angled or flat base.

Sempria SG9

This line is best for kitchen lighting including under cabinet lighting, cove lighting, and display lighting. Light dimming options available.

Sempria Mini Can

This accent lighting and display lighting series offers a variety of color and light temperatures and come in an 11 degree spot, 20 degree flood, or 38 degree flood. Light dimming options available.

Sempria Puck Light

Great for kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting, and accent lighting, these products work well for cabinet lighting, vanity lighting, and display lighting. Light dimming options available.

Lighted Closet Rod

Never get dressed in the dark again with our high-quality LED closet rod. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, you’re sure to find the right fit for you. Light dimming options available.