Accent Lighting

Your Style, Perfectly Displayed LED Kitchen Accent lighting

Accent lighting can enhance the decor of any room. Designed to draw the eye to a particular area, these concentrated lights illuminate exactly what you want to display while shadowing surrounding areas. Accent lighting can be used in many ways. Some of the most common areas for LED accent lights include wall washing, artwork, shelves, bookcase displays, collections, and stairways. Whatever your style, our Task LED lighting products are of highest quality and are sure to add elegance and value to your home.

Tips From the Experts

Looking for accent lighting suggestions? Our experts at Lumens Lighting & Power are here to answer any questions you have. Our products typically used for accent lighting include the Sempria E-Series and the Sempria Puck Lights. Try using the Sempria E-Series to light soffits, toe kicks, and stairways. For accent lighting in coves and bookcases you might use our Sempria Puck Lights or our Sempria Mini Cans.

All of our Task LED Lighting products provide:

  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Variety of sizes, color and color temperatures
  • Compliance with the 90 CRI standards

Sempria E-Series 1/8 watt

This series is exclusively for accent lighting, perfect for illuminating both large and small areas throughout your home ranging from stairways, to cabinets, to display shelving. Available in angle or flat base and designed for easy installation.

Sempria Q-Series 1/4 watt

Like the E-series, these are available in angle or flat base, and customers love how easy they are to install. This larger wattage lighting works as display lighting, but is primarily useful as under cabinet lighting. Light dimming options available

Sempria Puck Light

Perfectly display your elegant bookcases, lovely artwork, and impressive collections with LED lighting from this versatile series. These also work well for under cabinet lighting. May be recessed or surface mounted. Light dimming options also available.

Sempria Mini Can

Similar to the puck light, these LED accent lights work well in many areas. The difference is mini can lights have a clear lense while the puck light has a frosted lens. Mini cans disperse light in a broader area, while puck lights produce a more direct, even lighting. Available in 11° spot, 20° narrow flood, and 38° flood.