Kitchen Lighting

See Your Kitchen in a Whole New Light

For many, the kitchen is the favorite room in the home. It’s where we gather with family and friends, and it’s where the food is, so that’s reason enough to love it! Thanks to Task LED lighting products, your kitchen can be warmer, inviting, and more functional than ever. Our high-quality LED light fixtures are great for adding elegant, contemporary style by providing the perfect amount of light in all the right places. Interior and exterior cabinet lighting enhances the look of your kitchen and provides adequate light for cooking and cleaning without causing pesky shadows. Display and accent lighting illuminates decorative fixtures, drawing the eye to particularly lovely areas of the room. Cove lighting provides soft, decorative lighting with a warm glow. Whatever look you’re going for, LED kitchen lighting is the way to go for the right combination of style, durability, and versatility

Tips From the Experts

At Lumens Lighting & Power, we provide you with many options for kitchen lighting. For under cabinet lighting we recommend the Sempria SG9, which is 1/2 W strip lighting or the Sempria Q-Series, a 1/4 W strip lighting. Another great option are the Sempria puck lights. For accent lighting and toe kick or soffit lighting, we suggest the Sempria E-Series 1/8 W strip lighting.

All of our Task LED Lighting products provide:

  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Variety of sizes, color and color temperatures
  • Compliance with the 90 CRI standards

Sempria SG9 1/2 watt

These stylish LED light fixtures are perfect for under cabinet lighting, cove lighting, and display lighting. Light dimming options available.

Sempria Q-Series 1/4 watt

If you’re looking for under cabinet lighting or accent lighting, this LED lighting series is sure to have what you’re looking for. Available in both angle-base and flat-base designs.

Sempria Puck Lights

Add functionality and style to most any kitchen surface with these versatile, surface mounted or recessed mounted LED light fixtures. Great for interior cabinet lighting, under cabinet lighting, and display lighting.

Sempria E-Series 1/8 watt

Kitchen lighting is made easy with this multipurpose series. Whether you’re looking for interior cabinet lighting, display lighting, cove lighting, or even toe/soffit lighting, you’re sure to be pleased with these quality LED light fixtures.