Bathroom Lighting

Luxurious Lavatory Lighting

When switching to LED lighting for your home, be sure you remember the bathroom. Unfortunately, bathroom lighting is often neglected compared to other rooms in a home. Too often bathrooms are equipped with a single ceiling light fixture which casts shadows in all the wrong places and does an overall poor job of providing adequate lighting. A great bathroom lighting plan should consider all the many reason for bathroom lighting, both from a functional standpoint and for aesthetic reasons.

Bathrooms serve many functions, so bathroom lighting should too. Things like shaving and applying makeup can be very difficult without good lighting. When using ceiling lighting alone, like mentioned earlier, shadows are cast on your face, making it nearly impossible to see exactly what you’re doing. This can be solved easily with mirror or vanity lighting. Extra lighting in the shower can also be helpful.

Having a functional bathroom is important, and so is having one that you enjoy. You have plush, thick towels, fragrant soaps, lovely tile and fixtures -- everything you need for a day at the spa without leaving your home...all except one thing -- bathroom lighting. LED bathroom lighting adds to the beauty of your bathroom by showing off the structures and textures unique to bathrooms, and of course your personal style.

Tips From the Experts

TASK LED lighting is perfect for bathroom lighting. Bathroom lighting should be flattering and also bright enough for shaving and putting on makeup. We suggest adding direct lighting around the vanity as well as indirect accent lighting to provide a soft glow. Our Sempria Puck Lights and Sempria E-Series are recommended for all your bathroom lighting needs.

All of our Task LED Lighting products provide:

  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Variety of sizes, color and color temperatures
  • Compliance with the 90 CRI standards

Sempria Puck Lights

These lights are great for vanity lighting, casting the perfect amount of even, direct lighting across the face. Customers also use these lights to create a balance of light, and eliminate shadowed areas. Puck Lights are also useful for display or accent lighting. Looking for mood lighting? Puck Lights have light dimming options available.

Sempria E-Series 1/8 watt

This series is great for adding light around your bathtub or shower, under your bathroom cabinets, and many other areas. These versatile, easy to install LED lighting products are ideal for those who want to accentuate the style of their bathroom, creating a luxurious place for pampering and relaxation.