Load image into Gallery viewer, ILLUMA Side View  LED Strip Light 300 LEDs 3000K
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ILLUMA Side View LED Strip Light 300 LEDs 3000K

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You will need to order a separate power supply based on the total amount of watts that your lighting uses.
If you have more than one switch you will need a power supply for each switch based on the wattage of the lighting for each switch. - Need help Call 844-468-0440.

Side View Tape Lighting with 4000K, Cool White light, 2" cut line, includes 3M waterproof double-stick adhesive for a peel-and-stick installation. Apply directly to a cleaned surface or adhere to an aluminum housing. The tape can be cut at 2" intervals for a perfect fit. The light emits from one side only and is perfect for use inside drawers and cabinets, pantry, for architectural features, sign lighting, home theatre rooms or wherever a bright, low maintenance light is needed.