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Sempria S-series

Sempria S Series LED Task LightingSempria S Series cross section

Sempria S-series LED lighting

Designed with an integrated light shield, the S series fixture is perfect for interior cabinets, display cases and floating shelves, or under Eurostyle cabinets-anywhere you need a miniature fixture that packs a punch of light. With dimming capability and a choice of Warm (2700K) or Neutral White (3000K) light in  90 CRI, this fixture series offers the options and flexibility you need for each unique application.


                                                   * 50,000 hour LED life at 70% lumen maintenance 

                                                   * 27 Warm White (2700 Kelvin), 30 Soft White (3000 Kelvin), 40 Cool White (4000 Kelvin)

                                                      or 50 Daylight White (5000 Kelvin)

                                                   * Poke-home connectors for easy installation 

                                                   * 5-year limited warranty

                                                   * No special gap-connectors needed 

                                                   * Dimmable with the Optional Sempria dimmer

                                                   * Available in 1/8 watt, 1/4 Watt and 1/2 Watt versions



Available in sizes from 6 to 48 inches and color temperatures of 2700 Kelvin or 3000 Kelvin. The 2700 Kelvin is considered warm or more toward the yellow spectrum, like the light bulbs in your house. The 3000 kelvin is neutral white. As a reference, daylight is considered to be 5600 Kelvin. You will also need to order the appropriate driver to power them based on the total wattage of the units you order. Look for Drivers (power supplies) in our products.


UL Listed and meets 90 CRI standards. 



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Drivers (power supplies)


Purchased separately