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TRU series with USB (tamper resistant)


                                                                                                                         The picture shown is a TRU24

                                                                                                        Please check the descriptions below for your size unit.



                                       * Eliminate the need to cut receptacles and switches in your backsplash

                                   * 20 amp receptacles available in grey, black and white

                                   * Grey, white or black receptacle color options

                                   * Grey receptacles in satin nickel units, black receptacles in black and bronze units, white receptacles in white units 

                                   * USB/Receptacle Combination

                                   * Tamper- Resistant receptacles meet 2008 NEC Code


This is a TR series power strip with USB ports. Available in 4 colors, black, white, bronze and satin nickel. The 9 inch and 12 inch units have the USB/receptacle located in the center of the unit. All larger units have the USB/receptacle located on the left side.

The TRU series are Tamper Resistant receptacle angled power strips and come in sizes from 9 inch to 72 inch with 4 colors available. Check your electrical code. Some areas require tamper resistant receptacles. The receptacles are duplex Decora style in Black, White or Gray. They will have 0, 1, 2 or 3, sets of duplex receptacles and 1 USB/receptacle depending on length. The 9" & 12" have a USB/Receptacle combination only, The 18" / 36" have 1 USB/Receptacle combination and 1 receptacle set, The 42" / 48" have 1 USB/Receptacle combination and 2 sets of receptacles and the 60" / 72" have 1 USB/Receptacle combination and 3 sets of receptacles. The Picture shown is a 24" strip. Only standards are available on-line

This product is UL Listed.

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                                                                                      custom orders must be placed by phone


TR Square Junction Box

Used to connect 2 TR Power Strips at an inside corner.