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9-18 inch AP (NON tamper resistant)


This picture is a 30" AP Series                                                                         


                                 * Eliminate the need to cut receptacles and switches in your backsplash

                                 * Easy installation

                                 * Available in Satin Nickel (SN), Black (BK), White (WT), Bronze (BZ)

                                 * Grey, white or black receptacle color options

                                 * 15 amp receptacles standard

                                  * You must specify left or right wire entry for the 9APS, 12APS and 18APS.


The AP series are NOT Tamper Resistant receptacle angled power strips and come in sizes from 9 inch to 72 inch with 4 colors available. Check your electrical code. Some areas require them to be Tamper Resistant. The receptacles are single receptacle style in Black, White or Gray. They will have 1 to 8 receptacles depending on length. The 9” and 12” have 2 receptacles, the 18” has 3 receptacles, the 24”, 30”, and 36” have 4 receptacles, the 42” and 48” have 5 receptacles, the 60” has 7 receptacles and the 72” has 8 receptacles. Also available in Tamper Resistant styles.

This product is UL Listed.

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AP Square Junction Box

Used to connect 2 AP or APT Power Strips at an inside corner